Tech Stack

React, Next.js, GraphQL, Prisma, Chakra UI, styled-components


Project Detail

Scarood is a productivity tool that allows freelancers and business teams to manage their projects’ budgets, tasks, deadlines, and other relevant information all in one place. Scarood needed a landing page that would showcase all the tool’s features in a clean and smooth way. And that’s exactly what I did.

The Challenge

Scarood’s productivity tool had tons of cool features that needed to be showcased on their website. They needed more than just a landing page, they needed an experience for their users. With a clear goal in mind, and following the color palette and overall design of the landing page, I managed to create a pixel-perfect, user friendly, and fast loading landing page that works and looks great on every device.

The Solution

As Scarood is focused around statistics, I have decided to go with PostgresQL as it is faster and allows the backend to run complex queries. The backend was built using cloud functions which were eventually deployed to AWS. I have decided to create the client side in Next.js in order to achieve the best performance and eventually SSR for pages that contain a lot of data or sensitive information.

The Results

A successful remastering of the website’s look and feel. The bonus points: clean code that would allow for an easy further development.


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